Ionic Pillowcase. IP Face Covering. Mulberry silk face covering face mask. The best ionic silver silk face covering for adult acne
Ionic Pillowcase. IP Face Covering. Mulberry silk face covering mask. The best ionic silver silk face covering face mask for adult acne
Ionic Pillowcase. IP Face Covering. Mulberry silk face covering face mask. The best ionic silver silk face covering for adult acne

Ionic Silk Face Covering

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As you wear a face covering to protect those around you, dirt, oil and skin cell debris can build up causing nasty bacteria to grow which can then cause your skin to breakout or become irritated. The IP Face Covering is made from 100% Mulberry silk, 22 momme and grade 6A fibres that are enhanced with silver ion technology to keep your skin clean and add extra protection from this same harmful bacteria by 99.9%. Our hero product, the IP Face Covering is now better than ever thanks to it's new streamlined design making it even more comfortable without compromising it's barrier protection, all while giving the user further coverage. Kind and gentle to skin, the IP silk face covering is breathable and reusable making it ideal for everyday use. IP Face Covering is a three-layer barrier mask consisting of two outer layers of our Ionic Mulberry silk and one inner layer of 100% cotton.

Instructions for use:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water (or use a hand sanitizer) before handling face covering.
  2. Place face covering on face using ear loops and ensure the nose, mouth and chin are all covered.
  3. Adjust nose bridge and ear loops to ensure the face covering is fitting comfortably and securely with no breathing discomfort or gaps between face covering perimeter and face.
  4. Wear for a max of 4 hours and wash after every use. IP Face Covering has been successfully washed at 60 degrees for a wash cycle.  We recommend that you follow the wash care guidelines by hand washing at 30 degrees or a 30-degree machine wash cycle inside a delicate bag. Use PH neutral detergent.

This face covering/ face mask is not a personal protective equipment or medical device (MD) as defined under EU law. It is not intended to protect the consumer from viral infection. For adult use only. Not suitable for children under 12 years. Do not use this face covering on any person who has trouble breathing, any person who is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the face covering without assistance. 

In circumstances where medical grade Personal Protective Equipment is recommended, you should consult a health care professional. The decision to use this mask lies solely with user. 

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22 June 2021
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
A face mask I forget to take off.

I never leave the house without my Ionic face mask and I put 3 drops of tree oil on inside it. It is extremely soft and gentle against my skin. Sometimes I forget I am even wearing a face mask! From using other masks my skin was prone to redness and breakouts. I also felt the urge to pull them off when wearing them for long periods of time. Ionic's face mask has prevented this and left my skin in overall way better condition.

13 May 2021
Ireland Ireland

This mask is brilliant, it’s so comfortable and washes so well every time. Would highly recommend!

13 May 2021
Niamh M.
Ireland Ireland

Wow! The best mask I have bought and worn during this whole pandemic! Maskne has even disappeared. So comfortable and easy to take care of and so soft on my face. I'd recommend them to everyone.

13 May 2021
Ireland Ireland
A superior face covering!

Compared to other face coverings I used, I found it more comfortable on my face and skin. It was easier to breathe through compared to other face coverings. Being a bit of a geek I also liked the antimicrobial aspect of the infused fabric. The value is evident in the quality!

30 November 2020
Ireland Ireland
This mask is magic!!

With mask wearing being mandatory now I was finding the more I used them the worse my skin was getting. I did my research and came across the Ionic mask and it has been a game changer!! I don't feel like I am wearing one at all, I have had no breakouts and my skin does not feel irritated which means I can wear it for long periods of time with zero issues. Its such an investment and the fact that it's super stylish is just an added bonus!! Money Well Spent!!