Ionic Pillowcase. Mulberry silk pillowcase. The best ionic silver silk pillowcase for adult acne
Ionic Pillowcase. Mulberry silk pillowcase. The best ionic silver silk pillowcase for adult acne
Ionic Pillowcase. Mulberry silk pillowcase. The best ionic silver silk pillowcase for adult acne
Ionic Pillowcase. Mulberry silk pillowcase. The best ionic silver silk pillowcase for adult acne
Ionic Pillowcase. Mulberry silk pillowcase. The best ionic silver silk pillowcase for adult acne

Individual Queen Silver Ionic Silk Pillowcase (Standard) - Grey / Silver 51 x 74 cm

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Wake up with cleaner skin instead of the pure frustration and upset from yet another breakout. As you sleep skin cell debris, oil and dirt can be absorbed into your pillowcase making it the perfect place for stubborn breakout and pimple causing bacteria to grow, which then only causes more blemishes to appear when it comes into contact with your skin. This nasty bacteria does not discriminate so it doesn't matter what age you are, what skin type you have or what expensive skincare products you're using, it will come for you and so you eat, sleep and repeat wondering why these blemishes stick around? Allow us to bridge that annoying gap for you! Our Ionic Pillowcase is the first SILVER ION infused, 100% MULBERRY SILK, grade 6 A (long fibre), 22 momme pillowcase that eliminates these same bacteria making it the first choice when looking for a sleep surface that is more hygienic and kinder to your skin (and hair) while helping maintain their moisture balance.

Ionic Pillowcase is developed using sustainable and environmentally friendly patented silver ion technology that does not alter the texture or the appearance of the silk. We've then taken these qualities and incorporated them with ancient silk producing techniques, non-toxic dyes, and the latest design methodology to make Ionic Pillowcase a truly innovative beauty sleep solution. An amazing beauty product for skin and hair, Ionic's protection begins from first contact..

Our independent testing shows that an Ionic Pillowcase kills 99.9% more harmful bacteria (that is responsible for causing breakouts, skin irritations and odour) than traditional silk pillowcases left untreated by our silver ion technology. Ideal for people who are prone to breakouts.

Size - 51 x 74 cm/ 20 x 29"

Inner pillow not included.

Always follow care label instructions.

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20 July 2021
Ireland Ireland
Must have for acne prone skin

After using for a month my adult acne and redness has reduced by about 70%. I will never sleep on anything else. Would love to see more colour option but it’s still a total game changer

22 June 2021
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
An essential addition to every self care routine

I have had the Ionic silk pillowcase for almost six months and after using it I would not sleep on anything else. It is the first thing I pack on a trip away and have noticed major improvements to my skin and hair condition. Excellent product and I highly recommend adding it to daily self care routine!

29 October 2020
Rachael S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
A beauty nightly treatment

I've tried other silk pillowcases, but Ionic is another level of quality. My hair is smoother and as for my skin? No more pillow crease marks! This will be travelling with me from here on.

26 October 2020
Victoria B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Sheer Luxury

These Mulberry Silk pillow cases are so luxurious. They are smooth and soft and my hair looks much better on waking now than it used to. Previously I would wake up with quite fluffy hair with an almost cotton wool consistency whereas now my hair is smooth and my blow dry lasts so much longer. This has made such a difference to the condition of my hair as it used to be dry and prone to breakage. The silk feels cool and “breathable”. These pillowcases are a lovely, luxurious treat. Sleeping well is so important and anything that improves sleep quality is such a worthwhile investment. I highly recommend.

07 October 2020
Ireland Ireland
Wow ✨

Thank you My hair has never been in better health or condition, I cannot get over the difference this pillowcase has made. My most recent trip to the hairdressers I asked her to take a chunk off the ends as was finally in a position to do so and still keep length thanks to the improved health and growth, my hair never usually grows beyond a certain length! My hairdresser is used to me saying 'oh just a trim', and only allowing her take the bare minimum off, after she had trimmed it I told her to go again and take more. The girl washing my hair commented on the improved condition and asked me what products I was using (I never spend money on decent products I'll admit and up to now have done very little to invest in my hair health) the only difference I can categorically attribute my improved locks to is my ionic pillowcase, plus I feel like a princess every night going to sleep. Premium product with premium results and making me feel like I'm worth the investment, ionic is iconic ✨.