Although some may have followed, we are the world's first luxury, and the most effective silver ion infused, 100% Mulberry silk products available.

Designed to protect skin from the external causes of blemishes and breakouts while you sleep, Ionic Pillowcase™️ combines innovation, performance and luxury to aid the healing process of your skin and prevent further infections and irritations. We believe that healing and wellness can be achieved in a gentle and nurturing manner without compromising the skin surface or microbiome. Ionic Silk™️ products are scientifically proven to eliminate harmful and pervasive bacteria from first contact by 99.9% when compared to traditional silk and other fabrics. As a result, Ionic Pillowcase™️ and Ionic Silk™️ products are the most effective silver ion infused silk products available worldwide.

  • Mindful

    Our ionic silver infused silk is non mass produced and sewn by an ethically managed facility using certified non-toxic dyes materials.

  • Quality

    All our independent third- party testing and quality control is performed by a world leading inspection, testing and verification company.

  • Safety

    Our patented silver ion technology is safe for people and the environment, and registered with both the U.S EPA and E.U BPR (REACH) adhering to their strict requirements.